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Friday, June 13, 2014

Sonadia Island: A beautiful island in bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar is a popular Tourist spot in Bangladesh and each year uncountable visitors visits to its shore. It boasts with having the world longest widest sandy beach and is always brightly decorated in beach umbrellas and relaxing visitors. Besides of its coast, there is a small island name ‘’Sonadia’’ Island. This island is mainly used by the fisher man for fishing.  ''Sonadia'' Island is rich in nature and attractiveness.
During the winter fishermen from different place of country return to the island to fish of its shore and make temporary shelter and living houses for the duration of their stay. 

the Asian Water bird Conservation Fund has been doing extensive research and surveys of ''Sonadia'' Island Since about 2006 in regard to the bird type found on the island. They have been working closely with local communities to fight poaching and unlawful confine of the birds by outsiders who come to the island and make  traps for birds. the Asian Water bird Conservation Fund have recorded an estimated 52 type of  bird on the island, including resident and traveling birds. 

Tourist will be able to find some wonderful sea shells on the beaches along the western side of the island and in the northern waters. Visitors will be able to see the apparently endless beds filled with windowpane oysters. ''Sonadia'' Island is a natural paradise, with beauty around every corner.

You Can also visit this island to watch the beauty of ‘’Sonadia’’ Island, Bangladesh