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Friday, July 10, 2015

India Tourism

Best Tourist Places in India

Top ten Tourist Destination in India are:

Tajmahal (Agra):

Agra’s Taj Mahal is one of the most famous buildings in the world, the mausoleum of Shah Jahan’s favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.  It is also one of the seven wonders in the world.

Pink City (Jaipur)

Jaipur is also popularly known as the Pink City, is the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Jaipur is a very famous tourist and education destination in India. You can see in Jaipur are:

1. Hawa Mahal 
2. Amber Fort 
3. Jaigarh Fort 
4. Nahargarh Fort 
5. City Palace 
6. Jantar Mantar 
7. Jal Mahal 
8. Rambagh Palace 
9. Chandra Mahal, The City Palace, Jaipur 
10. Diwan-e-Aam, City Palace 
11. Central Museum, (Albert Hall Museum)

Beautiful Beaches (Goa)

Goa is Famous for its pristine beaches, infact 90% of all the tourism in Goa happens only for its beautiful beaches in Coastal Areas. Goa has two main tourist seasons: winter and summer. In the winter time, tourists from abroad (mainly Europe) come to Goa to enjoy the splendid climate. In the summertime (which, in Goa, is the rainy season), tourists from across India come to spend the holidays.

Haven on Earth (Kashmir)

Kashmir was once called Heaven on Earth, and once of the most beautiful places in the world. However, in last couple of decades, terrorism has faded its charm – A place home to Himalayan Ranges.


hough there are several places of tourist-interest in the town and district, Kanyakumari is especially popular in India for its spectacular and unique sunrise and sunset. The confluence of three ocean bodies – the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea – makes the sunrise and sunset even more special. On balmy, full-moon evenings, one can also see the moon-rise and sunset at the same time – on either side of the horizon.

Ajanta Ellora 

Ajantha & Ellora are 28 – 30 rock-cut cave monuments created during the first century BC and 5th century AD, containing paintings and sculptures considered to be masterpieces of both Buddhist religious art and universal pictorial art.


Darjeeling in India owes’ its grandeur to its natural beauty, its clean fresh mountain air and above all, the smiling resilient people for whom it is a home. Known for its natural splendor, Darjeeling’s best gift to its’ visitors is the dawn of a new day. The mountains awaken first with a tentative peeking of the sun.


Mysore is a tourism hot spot within the state of Karnataka and also acts as a base for other tourist places in the vicinity of the city. The city receives the maximum number of tourists during the period of the Dasara festival when festivities take place for a period of 10 days.  

Leh / Ladakh

The Ladakh capital city of Leh lies near the eastern parts of Jammu and Kashmir, on the crossroads of the historic “Silk Route” from Sinkiang to West Asia and to the plains of India. The humbling monasteries of Shey, Hemis, Alchi, Thikse and Lamayuru will nurture your spiritual needs, and the landscape of Leh provides for a number of adventure activities including mountaineering, white-water rafting and trekking along the Markha Valley.


The capital of the state of Sikkim, Gangtok is an attractive tourist destination, reflecting a unique ambience which derives from its happy blend of tradition and modernity. Alongside the deeply felt presence of stupas and monasteries, Gangtok also bustles like any other thriving town. Some of the key places to visit include Rumtek Monastery, Do-Drul Chorten, Enchey Monastery, Tashi View Point and the local bazaar, Lal Bazaar.


And many place to visit to India so hurry up for you discovery........ 



Tourism : Most Attractive place in Bhutan for Travelers.


Tiger’s Nest Monastery

The Tiger’s Nest religious residence hangs on a formation, and stands on top of a fascinating forest of blue pines and rhododendrons. As this stunning and really exceptional religious residence may be a sheer climb up Capitol Hill (900 meters), a pony are often organized for the ride up, however solely till the eating place. From then on, it's another steep walk and a few slim stairs towards the religious residence itself. The path crosses a chapel of butter lamps and descends to a falls by the Snow Lion Cave. The read of the Paro depression from here on is breathless, and also the atmosphere terribly holy, an area wherever each Bhutanese can need to return a minimum of once in his/her life. this is often the place wherever Guru Rinpoche brought Buddhism into Asian nation, inward on the rear of a Panthera tigris.

Punakha Dzong

Being the second oldest and second largest dzong in Asian nation, Punakha Dzong, or some decision it Pungthang Dewachen Phodrang (Palace of nice Happiness), is additionally the country’s most attractive and majestic dzong. Punakha is accessible from a three hours drive east of the capital Thimpu, and once crossing a pass within the mountains, the place may be a breathless and superb sight on the primary glimpse from the road. it's placed strategically in between 2 rivers, Pho Chu (male) and Mo Chu (females) that has noticeable color variations of the rivers’ water. Punakha Dzong is joined to the earth by associate arched picket bridge, and contains several precious relics from the times once ordered kings reigned the dominion from this depression. moreover, it's blessed a temperate climate, and wonderful lilac coloured Brazilian rosewood trees grow round the dzong throughout the spring season.

Zuri Dzong Hike

The peak of the Zuri Dzong Trek is perhaps the proper spot to possess a bird’s-eye read of the complete Paro depression. The Zuri Dzong is that the oldest dzong in Asian nation, and in there lies a cave wherever Buddha came to meditate in, within the eighth century. This peaceful place permits each Bhutanese and tourists to soak within the tranquil that radiates from the extraordinary read, one thing one will stare at for hours in surprise and awe. the entire journey time to urge there'll take some half-hour if one starts from the depository tower, and a further one hour to exit out towards Uma. Tourists will expect to take a seat and relax there, and additionally keep in mind to catch the superb aspect as you hike through trek.

Gangtey Valley in winter

The depression of Gangtey is one in all the foremost gorgeous valleys within the chain, and lots of decision it the Shangri La of Asian nation, even as however Asian nation is renowned for being “one of the world’s happiest nations,” and “the last Shangri La on Earth.” The surprise of finding such a large, flat depression with none trees once the arduous climb through dense forests is increased by a sway of huge house, that is a particularly rare expertise in Asian nation as most of the valleys square measure tightly boxed. This moderate trek visits the villages of Gogona and Khotokha, passing through meadows and fields, then forests of juniper, magnolia and rhododendrons, which can be fully bloom in Apr. Besides the engaging scenic depression and mountain trails passing through the brilliant forest with its brush dynamical from shrub and magnolia to ferns and dwarf bamboo, we are able to additionally visit the historical Gangtey religious residence and also the blacked necked crane data centre. to boot, there'll be a special treat for those visiting the Gangtey throughout the winter season, as they'll be ready to catch the sleek Black-necked Cranes in action as they head to roost.

Best Time To Visit Bhutan

Spring and fall square measure positively the most effective time to go to Asian nation. Having same thus, summer and winter have their own attracts and attractions.

How to go Bhutan

The process of coming up with your visit to Asian nation are often divided into two steps, selecting your mode of entry and selecting a tour agency to rearrange your edifice and Visa. we are going to cowl the second a part of selecting your land tour on the second article.
Being a inland countries, there square measure solely two thanks to get into Asian nation, via a flight or a drive.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tamilnadu Tourism

Sea Beach In Chennai, India

Tamil Nadu is a state of India  in the south-east part of the Indian Peninsula. One of the four Dravidian states of India, it has had more than Four Thousand years of unbroken cultural history. Tamil Nadu has some of the most remarkable temple  and a living tradition of music, dance, folk arts and fine arts. Tamil Nadu is well notorious for its temple towns and heritage sites, hills, waterfalls, national parks, local cuisine and the fabulous wildlife and natural beauty. 

The state boasts the largest tourism industry in India with an annual growth rate of 16%.  In 2013, the number of domestic arrivals was at 244.2 million making the state the most popular tourist place in the country, and foreign arrivals amounted to 3.99 million, the second-highest in the country, and the combined aggregate gives it the most popular state for tourism in India. All attractive sea beaches in Chennai, Tamil Nadu are.....

Marina Beach

The Marina Beach, lined with fulgid golden sand and a transparent strip of blue ocean, is among the foremost splendid beaches in India. Sited at Kamarajar Boswellia serrata Road, at a distance of three metric linear unit from the capital town of Madras, it's same to be the second longest beach within the world, extending to a length of thirteen metric linear unit from St. St. George Fort to Mahabalipuram. abundant of credit for changing this beach into a tourer spot goes to Governor Mountstuart Elphinstone Grand pudding, WHO took the required measures throughout the Eighties. Here, the expertise of observation the sun rise and set is at its fascinating best, and exciting. Enclosures with palm trees compel you to require a slow and relaxed walk. 

Apart from enjoying on the beach, there ar several historical monuments designed at the junction of pathway stand. a number of them embrace Annadurai and MG Ramachandran memorials, statues of heroes from Tamil culture, Indo Saracenic buildings, monuments of Tamil students, patriots and noted personalities together with Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. one in every of the foremost outstanding effigies is that the Triumph of Labor by Debiprasad Roy Choudhary. numerous stalls of food things together with murukku, sundal, ice-cream and different South-Indian snacks ar placed in its neck of the woods to curb the cravings of the foodies. associate degree vivarium, placed close to the beach, includes of a number of the foremost astonishing and splendid vary of tropical ocean and H2O fish. It offers you an opportunity to be aware of the aquatic life and see what God has blessed the ocean lifetime of city with. then south to its location is placed the Ice House, that was used for storage of ice brought from Great Lakes in North America throughout the time of British. the foremost favourable time to go to the dockage Beach is throughout Nov to February, once the temperature is moderate in city and therefore the palms and casuarinas provides you with beautiful cold breeze and ample shade for taking rest, enjoying the natural great thing about the ocean and therefore the beach.

Mahabalipuram Beach

Beach of Mahabalipuram is very well known for its sea shore temple and other monuments which are classified as UNESCO sites. People, who visit this beach, will certainly enter into the temple and have darshan with the sound of waves. This is kind of experience is very unique here. This beach is otherwise known as Mamallapuram and it is on the shores of the Bay of Bengal has a coastline spanning a distance of over 20 km with beautiful beaches. It is located 58km from Chennai on the Mahabalipuram road.

Besant Nagar Beach (Elliot’s Beach)

At Chennai, you can find cleanest beaches and one among them is the Besant Nagar Beach Locally called Elliot’s Beach. Even we can say it is the best one among south India as far as cleanliness and disciplined beach is concerned. This area feeds the tourists with delicious dishes as it has more multicuisine restaurant and fast food centre.

Cove long Beach

Cove long Beach comes to every one’s mind if they think of a serene beach. It is placed on the way to Mahabalipuram. Since the atmosphere guarantees peace, it entices tourists from all over the every countries in the world. It is renowned for fishing activities and that too brings more and more people here from the world. Moreover water activities like swimming and other water games adds additional flavour to this beach.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Tourism : Khagrachori tour places in Bangladesh

Khagrachori Tour in Bangladesh

Khagrachari is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Chittagong division of Bangladesh. There are some awesome tourist attractions in this district. Khagrachari is known as hilltop District in Bangladesh. Let’s know the names of the tourist attractions of this district and introduce with them. Tourist attractions in khagrachari are:

1. Alutila Hill
2. Richhang Waterfall
3. Dighinala Maniker Dighi
4. Yonged Buddha Bihar
5. Alutila Cave
6. Panichari Buddha Sculpture
7. Dighinala Touduchari Waterfall
8. Sajek and Marissa Valley
9. Nunchari Debota Pond

10. Banyan Tree more than Hundred Years Old
11. Mung King’s Palace
12. Sarthok
13. Ramgar Hill
14. Sindukchari Pond
15. Sapachari Waterfall
16. Tea Garden (Old)
17. Lakshmichari Waterfall
18. Matai Pukhiri
These are the place in Khagrachari you can visit. Khagrachari always been attractive to the tourist in Bangladesh. So You can visit this hilly district and enjoy all the tourist attractions in Khagrachari of Bangladesh.


Bandarban Tourist Attraction

Bandarban lies, by bus, eight hours approximately from Dhaka, 2 hours from Chittagong city and 3 hours from Cox's Bazaar. it's conjointly attainable to induce there by a six-hour bus ride from Rangamati.The Buddha Dhatu Jadi, the most important Buddhist temple in Asian nation, situated in Balaghata, four metric linear unit from the city.This place attracts several tourists per annum. This Buddhism Buddhist temple is created fully within the variety of South-East Asia and homes the second largest sculpture of Buddha in Asian nation. The falls named Shoilo Propat at Milanchari is another place tourists prefer to visit. the various Buddhist temples, referred to as kyang in native tongue, and bhihars within the city embody the extremely notable the Rajvihar (royal vihar) at Jadipara and also the Ujanipara Bhihar. Bawm villages around Chimbuk, and Mru villages a trifle additional off, also are lie inside a day's journey from the city.  

Prantik Lake, Jibannagar and Kyachlong Lake area unit some additional places of interest. Boat ride on the stream Sangu is one among the most attraction here for tourists. 

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi  is located close to Balaghata town, in Bandarban City.  Trere are the material remains of a holy person, and in this temple the relics belong to Buddah. It is the largest Theravada Buddhist temple in Bangladesh and has the second-largest Buddah statue in the country

Nil Giri is the most attractive place for the tourist. It is hilly tourist spot in bandarban. The biggest hill of bangladesh named Kewkaradong are situted in Bandarban. On the top of Keokradong there is a small shelter and a signboard put up by the Bangladeshi military proclaiming the elevation to be 3,172 feet.Height measured by handheld GPS shows it is 986 metres (3,235 ft) with 3m accuracy

Jadipai Waterfall located at Ramu Upazila of Bandarban, It is one of the widest water falls in Bangladesh. It is one of the most attractive tourist spots of Bangladesh. The flow of Jadipai fall becomes forceful during the rainy season.

Boga Lake is the most attractive natural lake in Bangladesh. It is also known as Bagakain Lake or Baga Lake. Boga lake is 18 kilometer away from Ruma Sadar Upozilla in Bandarban. The area of this lake is about 15 acres. It is about 3000 feet above mean sea level. The water color of this lake is blue. There are many fabled stories behind the creation of this lake. There are many tourists visit to Boga lake every year, particularly in the winter season. Small tribe community like Bawm, Khumi have localities besides the Boga lake. In the rainy season, it is quite difficult to stroll beside the boga lake. The road from Ruma to Boga lake is still under construction. There waiting lots of pleasure and delight for you at Boga lake. You will definitely be amazed looking at the big rocks lying in and out of the Boga lake.