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Friday, July 3, 2015


Bandarban Tourist Attraction

Bandarban lies, by bus, eight hours approximately from Dhaka, 2 hours from Chittagong city and 3 hours from Cox's Bazaar. it's conjointly attainable to induce there by a six-hour bus ride from Rangamati.The Buddha Dhatu Jadi, the most important Buddhist temple in Asian nation, situated in Balaghata, four metric linear unit from the city.This place attracts several tourists per annum. This Buddhism Buddhist temple is created fully within the variety of South-East Asia and homes the second largest sculpture of Buddha in Asian nation. The falls named Shoilo Propat at Milanchari is another place tourists prefer to visit. the various Buddhist temples, referred to as kyang in native tongue, and bhihars within the city embody the extremely notable the Rajvihar (royal vihar) at Jadipara and also the Ujanipara Bhihar. Bawm villages around Chimbuk, and Mru villages a trifle additional off, also are lie inside a day's journey from the city.  

Prantik Lake, Jibannagar and Kyachlong Lake area unit some additional places of interest. Boat ride on the stream Sangu is one among the most attraction here for tourists. 

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi  is located close to Balaghata town, in Bandarban City.  Trere are the material remains of a holy person, and in this temple the relics belong to Buddah. It is the largest Theravada Buddhist temple in Bangladesh and has the second-largest Buddah statue in the country

Nil Giri is the most attractive place for the tourist. It is hilly tourist spot in bandarban. The biggest hill of bangladesh named Kewkaradong are situted in Bandarban. On the top of Keokradong there is a small shelter and a signboard put up by the Bangladeshi military proclaiming the elevation to be 3,172 feet.Height measured by handheld GPS shows it is 986 metres (3,235 ft) with 3m accuracy

Jadipai Waterfall located at Ramu Upazila of Bandarban, It is one of the widest water falls in Bangladesh. It is one of the most attractive tourist spots of Bangladesh. The flow of Jadipai fall becomes forceful during the rainy season.

Boga Lake is the most attractive natural lake in Bangladesh. It is also known as Bagakain Lake or Baga Lake. Boga lake is 18 kilometer away from Ruma Sadar Upozilla in Bandarban. The area of this lake is about 15 acres. It is about 3000 feet above mean sea level. The water color of this lake is blue. There are many fabled stories behind the creation of this lake. There are many tourists visit to Boga lake every year, particularly in the winter season. Small tribe community like Bawm, Khumi have localities besides the Boga lake. In the rainy season, it is quite difficult to stroll beside the boga lake. The road from Ruma to Boga lake is still under construction. There waiting lots of pleasure and delight for you at Boga lake. You will definitely be amazed looking at the big rocks lying in and out of the Boga lake.