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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tamilnadu Tourism

Sea Beach In Chennai, India

Tamil Nadu is a state of India  in the south-east part of the Indian Peninsula. One of the four Dravidian states of India, it has had more than Four Thousand years of unbroken cultural history. Tamil Nadu has some of the most remarkable temple  and a living tradition of music, dance, folk arts and fine arts. Tamil Nadu is well notorious for its temple towns and heritage sites, hills, waterfalls, national parks, local cuisine and the fabulous wildlife and natural beauty. 

The state boasts the largest tourism industry in India with an annual growth rate of 16%.  In 2013, the number of domestic arrivals was at 244.2 million making the state the most popular tourist place in the country, and foreign arrivals amounted to 3.99 million, the second-highest in the country, and the combined aggregate gives it the most popular state for tourism in India. All attractive sea beaches in Chennai, Tamil Nadu are.....

Marina Beach

The Marina Beach, lined with fulgid golden sand and a transparent strip of blue ocean, is among the foremost splendid beaches in India. Sited at Kamarajar Boswellia serrata Road, at a distance of three metric linear unit from the capital town of Madras, it's same to be the second longest beach within the world, extending to a length of thirteen metric linear unit from St. St. George Fort to Mahabalipuram. abundant of credit for changing this beach into a tourer spot goes to Governor Mountstuart Elphinstone Grand pudding, WHO took the required measures throughout the Eighties. Here, the expertise of observation the sun rise and set is at its fascinating best, and exciting. Enclosures with palm trees compel you to require a slow and relaxed walk. 

Apart from enjoying on the beach, there ar several historical monuments designed at the junction of pathway stand. a number of them embrace Annadurai and MG Ramachandran memorials, statues of heroes from Tamil culture, Indo Saracenic buildings, monuments of Tamil students, patriots and noted personalities together with Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. one in every of the foremost outstanding effigies is that the Triumph of Labor by Debiprasad Roy Choudhary. numerous stalls of food things together with murukku, sundal, ice-cream and different South-Indian snacks ar placed in its neck of the woods to curb the cravings of the foodies. associate degree vivarium, placed close to the beach, includes of a number of the foremost astonishing and splendid vary of tropical ocean and H2O fish. It offers you an opportunity to be aware of the aquatic life and see what God has blessed the ocean lifetime of city with. then south to its location is placed the Ice House, that was used for storage of ice brought from Great Lakes in North America throughout the time of British. the foremost favourable time to go to the dockage Beach is throughout Nov to February, once the temperature is moderate in city and therefore the palms and casuarinas provides you with beautiful cold breeze and ample shade for taking rest, enjoying the natural great thing about the ocean and therefore the beach.

Mahabalipuram Beach

Beach of Mahabalipuram is very well known for its sea shore temple and other monuments which are classified as UNESCO sites. People, who visit this beach, will certainly enter into the temple and have darshan with the sound of waves. This is kind of experience is very unique here. This beach is otherwise known as Mamallapuram and it is on the shores of the Bay of Bengal has a coastline spanning a distance of over 20 km with beautiful beaches. It is located 58km from Chennai on the Mahabalipuram road.

Besant Nagar Beach (Elliot’s Beach)

At Chennai, you can find cleanest beaches and one among them is the Besant Nagar Beach Locally called Elliot’s Beach. Even we can say it is the best one among south India as far as cleanliness and disciplined beach is concerned. This area feeds the tourists with delicious dishes as it has more multicuisine restaurant and fast food centre.

Cove long Beach

Cove long Beach comes to every one’s mind if they think of a serene beach. It is placed on the way to Mahabalipuram. Since the atmosphere guarantees peace, it entices tourists from all over the every countries in the world. It is renowned for fishing activities and that too brings more and more people here from the world. Moreover water activities like swimming and other water games adds additional flavour to this beach.