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Thursday, February 12, 2015

quatar : A beautiful country in the Middle East for tourist

Qatar is one of the Arab Emirates or Arab states in the Middle East and is situated on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is surrounded by the Gulf of Persia on all sides except to the south, where it is bordered by Saudi Arabia. This oil rich nation has encouraged many of the citizens to progress into the field of science and technology. They want to branch out into this field in the near future, especially in the light of the recent global economic conditions. This also means that many of the world's financial and industrial groups can greatly benefit from Qatar. Qatar also houses many modern cities and places of interest for the tourists. Although most of the country is covered by desert, it is still a beautiful land of ancient culture and many attractions.

Activities & Attractions

In Qatar you will find many places of historical interest that you can explore and enjoy. The forts of Marroub, Al-Zubarah, Al-Rakiyat and the Barzan Tower are all popular tourist places. The hills of Al-Jassasiya contain pre-historic carvings and are surely worth a visit. The various islands around Qatar such as Ishat Islands, the Haloul Islands, Alia Islands, and many others are excellent sightseeing places. They also offer opportunities for activities such as scuba diving. The Palm Tree Island with its swimming pools, beautiful gardens, cafes, and restaurants is an ideal place to relax and refresh.You can get an insight into the beautiful culture of Qatar at all the places of attractions. The fort of Doha portrays the Qatar architecture in all its brilliance. You can experience the beautiful heritage of Qatar at the Ethnographic Museum and the Qatar National Museum. The Oryx Farm, the Equestrian Club and the Doha Zoo contain exhibits of the city's wonderful flora and fauna. Other interesting places include the Corniche Bay, the Al Bida Park and the Al-Rumaila Park. You can keep yourself busy with many activities in Qatar like horse racing, falconry, diving, golfing, and a variety of water sports.


In Qatar, you will find a wide variety of accommodation ranging from expensive hotels to low priced affordable lodging facilities. Some of the recommended hotels in the country are Doha Grand Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Four Seasons, and Doha Marriott Hotel.


All transportation facilities are quite modern in Qatar. Although traveling through the desert is quite challenging sometimes, there is a well developed road network connecting most cities and important tourist destinations. Within the cities, you can use the buses to get around. The bus service is quite cheap and easily available. You can even hire a taxi or a car from a well known car rental company.