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Monday, August 12, 2013


Nizum island is a small island in Bangladesh. Nizum means Silent so Nizum island means Silent Island. Nizum island situated in Noakhali district of Bangladesh. Though Nizum Island is a Island but it is actually a rise of land. Previous name of Nizum Island was Char Osman. A bathania name Osman with is buffalo bathan at first stay in Nizum Island. At that time this island is named by Char Osman. Actually Ballarchar, CharOsman, Kamlar char, and Chur Muri- this four raise made Nizum Island. In the year of 1950 this island raise by 14,000 acres. Before 1970 there is no human present in Nizum Island, so this island was silent. In the year of 1970 Bangladesh forest division start their tast in this island. At first  four pair deer leave in this island experimentally. Now Nizum Island is safe place for deer. Nizum Island is the second mangrove forest in Bangladesh after Sundarban.

The people of Nizum island depend on tide to comminucate with others area. To communicate with Hatia, Vola or Dhaka, they maintain tide. To go Dhaka they start their journey at 09AM (After flow-tide) for Hatia. After 2 or 3 hours the vassale went to Hatia. Then they find the steamer for Dhaka. This steamer went to once every day. This steamer reach in Dhaka through Barishal and Vola that’s why the people of Nizum island can go to Vola and Barishal in the same steamer. There are also alternative way to go Dhaka and Hatia.

There are nine village in Nizum Island. Without this nine villaage there are also many single small house hare and there. As per 1966 Nizum Island situated with 36970.454 acre land.

Without deer and buffalo there is no ferocious  animal in Nizum Island. There are 22,000 deer in Nizum Island. There are 35 different kind of bird in Nizum island. Beside that in winter season there are many kind of guest bird come in Nizum island. Most of the land in Nizum island is alluvium. This land go down under the water during flow-tide and wakeup during eabb-tide. Many kind of bird live  in this place. This bird takes food fish comes during flow-tide. There is a amphibian fish named Marsripari. There life time is 05 years and 6 to 9 inch long. Nizum island famous for Hilsha fish during rainy season. In rainy season the whole saler comes from different place with Dhaka to buy Hilsha fish. Beside this during winter and after winter Nizum island famous for others fish. There are different types of  trees in Nizum island.

There are three primary school and one High school in Nizum island. This primary school also used as cyclone center. so that people can take safe place in this cyclone center and save their life.

Forest division takes several step to improve this Nizum island.  The forest division place  prohibitive inflict to kill animal in Nizum island. The forest division plant trees in the new raise area. The forest division took a plan to make National park in this island.

There a is Nizum resorts made by obokas in Nizum island for the visitors. There is a safe water and electricity produce by generator. There is a many hotel for food. You will get Rice, fish, chicken and egg etc in this hoitel. But in the rainy season you will get more Hilsha fish in Nizum island. You can visit this island any time.