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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Bahadur Shah Park located in Sadarghat near Lakshmibazar of old Dhaka city in Bangladesh. This park is a historical place. This park has many historical evidence. This park built in 1858 at the initiative of Nawab Khawaja Abdul Gani. This park called Victoria Park until 1947. In the last Mughal emperor this park was renamed.

The park is actually rounded in shape. There is two main gate located east and west side of the park. there is street  inside the park. There is a government installation, school, collage and university situated outside the park for this reason the park is termed as important area of old Dhaka. In the North side "Sent Thomas Church, North-East" Side Kabinazrul collage and Islamia High School, In the East side oldest school of Dhaka "Government Mislim School", In the south-west side "Jagannath Univercity" situated. Judge court of Dhaka situated just North-west part of this park. 

In the late 18th century the European started a club for then named Biliard Club. They used to play different  games here.  Hence the local people called Anta Gharer Maydan.

 In 1858 when Queen Victoria took the administration of the subcontinent then Dhaka district commissioner announce about this matter in this big yard. From this time this big yard named as "Victoria Park". Untill 1957 this park was named as "Victoria Park". After that in 1857 the Sipahi mutiny for freedom fight was occurred for this reason the government killed the mutineers and hang their dead bodies with trees in this park to overawe the general people. To celebrate the 100 years of Shipahi Mutiny,a monument made here In 1957 and change the previous name to Bahadur Shah Park. The reason of Shipahi mutiny was to end the English administration for to establish the administration of Mughal Emperror Second Bahadur Shah. As per his name this park named as "Bahadur Shah Park".

The high monument of the park in the city is now reducing its glory as most of its momentous infrastructures are in rundown condition due to negligence even the boundary wall has distrted, Unscrupulous persons haveoccupied its land and parts of the footpath illegally to set up small shop and other business. the park now somehow maintains its illegible existence with no initiative to preserve the heritage. Under the circumstances the Dhaka City Corporation took some good step to save the heritage park. the condition of the area is ow dredful. 

People using the park's footpath. Very often people fall in fatal accident to many incident. Toll collector and vagabonds are dominating the area and are indulging in snatching which is on the rise. Historical Bahadur Shah Park (previous name is Victoria Park) lost all its importance and its glamour. Witness to many momentous events and once a traditional place for sojourn have lost all its past glamour. Besides, water from the only big artificial waterfall of the park could not be drained so that the water can not go out side the water fall area. It is very unfortunate that the last historical object of the Mughal Empire is now in very poor condition which demands immediate attention from the authority of government of Bangladesh. 

You are welcome to visit this historical place at any time.