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Friday, January 3, 2014


Isha Khan was the leader of the Baro Bhuiyans (twelve landlords) of the Bhati region in medieval geographic region. Throughout his reign he place resistance againt Mughal invasion. It absolutely was solely when his death, once the region went wholly below Mughals. In 1564 Isa Khan atained a property in Sonargaon and Maheswari Pargana throughout the reign of Taj Khan, the karrani Afghan ruler of geographic region.

 In 1578 Mughal subahdar of geographic region, subahdar Khan Jahan light emiting diode associate expedition towards the Bhati submitted their allegiance to the Mughal force.  Isa Khan round faced the formidable Mughal force light emitting diode by crowned head Bardi and Muhammad Quli on the Sarail-Juan Shahi border in Kastul on the bank of Meghna watercourse. In line with Rafmala, Isa Khan then quickly people to Tripura and sought after help from the Tripura King, Amar Manikya. With the nice grace of the queen Amrabati, the king granted a military of fifty two thousand to assist Isa Khan face the Mughalsin 1583  Mughal General Shahbaz Khan destroyed Isa Khan's  place in Baktarpur. 

In Sep 1584, the then subahdar Shahbaz crossed Ganges River close to Khizirpur and attacked Sonargaon, Katrabo and Egarasindhur. However he finally suffered a defeat within the battle of Egarasindur and Bhawal against Isa Khan and Masumm Khan Kabulii, the Mughal General. Shahbazz khan people to Tandah. With the assistance of reinforcements by Emperor Akbar, Shahbaz Khan light emitting siode another hostile expedition towards Bhati in 1586. Isa Khan attacked him at Bhawal (north of Dhaka) however forces of Shahbaz Khan were well fortified close to river. Isa Khan fictitious his allegiance towards Akbar associated prevented and close at hand invasion of geographic region by the Mughals on seventeen March 1594 Mn singh was appointed the Subahdar of geographic region by Emperor Akbar. when establishing Rafmahal because the capital of geographic region, Man Singh sent his own son, Durfan Singh, to Isa Khan's Bhati region with immense army on seven gregorian calendar month 1595. In August 1597, Isa Khan with the help of Masum Khan Kabuli, engaged during a battle against Mughal armed service. Durjan sing was killed and Mughal forces round faced another defeat. 

Isa Khan 1st married Fatema Khan, a descendant from Hossain crowned head family line. Later he married Sama Moi, the girl of Chad Raf of Sripur. When conversion to Islam, Sarna Moi took the name Sona Bibi.

Isa Khan died of natural causes in September 1599. His son, Musaa khan then took command of Sonargaon. On ten Gregorian calendar month 1610 Musa khan was dethroned by Mughal General Islam Khan Chistii. After that, Isa Khan transterred from Sonargaon and settled in Jangalbari fort. Masum Khan was the eldest son of liliopsid genus Khan. Masum served because the Mughal army General throughout the Hughly invasion in 1632.  His eldest son was Monwar khan. Monwar khan acted because the chief of the geographic region Zamindars' flotilla on the conquest of metropolis in 1666. A village known as Monwarbagh, in Bandar Upazila of Narayanganj District, was  named when him. Hybat Khan, another grandchild of liliopsid genus, established Haybatnagar (in current Mymensingh district)  and created it the middle of his land lordship of seven parganas.