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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rangamati: A beautiful architecture of Hills and Nature

Rangamati is found within the Chittagong Division. it's deckle-edged by the Tripura state of Republic of India to the northern side, Bandarban District to the southern side, Mizoram State of Republic of India and Chin State of Asian nation to the east, and Khagrachari and Chittagong Districts to the west.

The area of the district is 6116 km2 of that 1292 km2 is riverine and 4825 km2 is below forest

The total population is five,08,182 consistent with 2005 census of that social group fifty two and non-tribal forty eighth. the amount of males is two,87,060 and therefore the females square measure two,38,043 (Census 2001). The density of population is eighty three per sq. metric linear unit (Census 2001). the amount of home is one,03,974 having the home size four.8 (Census 2001). the overall population is split into Bangalees and eleven tribes they are, Chakma, Marma, Tanchangya, , Pankua, Tripura Lushai, Khiang, Murang , Chak , Rakhain , Bowm,Khumi.

Tribal population : (as per census of 2005 ):

Chakma-1,86,250, Marma-44,000, Tanchanga-18,000, Tripura-6,690, Pankho- 2,100, Bowm-1,050, khyang- 791, Lusai- 220, Chak- 170, Rakhain-75, Khumi-55,Gurkha-03,Etc.-170
As per 1991 census, the spiritual split of the population of the district were: Buddhist fifty three.83%,Muslim 39.28%, Hindu 5.62% and Christian one.12%. spiritual establishments temple 1230, house of worship 1059, Temple 65, Church 16. Genderwise, male legitimate fifty three.59% and feminine legitimate forty six.41% of the population.

Rangamati is that the body headquarters of Rangamati Hill District within the Chittagong Hill Tracts of People's Republic of Bangladesh. The city is found at 22°37'60N 92°12'0E associated has an altitude of fourteen metres (49 feet).

It's a travel destination of People's Republic of Bangladesh that is thought as "Lake City".The district is run by associate workplace named as District management,  Rangamati From Chittagong a seventy seven kilometre road amidst inexperienced fields and winding hills ends up in Rangamati; that could be a rattling repository of scenic splendours with flora and fauna of various descriptions. The territorial division is found on the western bank of the Kaptai lake. Rangamati could be a favorite vacation destination as a result of its lovely landscape, scenic beauty, lake, vibrant indigenus teams (Chakma, Marma etc.), its flora and fauna, autochthonic repository, hanging bridge, homespun textile merchandise, ivory jewelry and therefore the autochthonic men and ladies United Nations agency trend them. For visitors, the attractions of beautiful Rangamati square measure varied. autochthonic life, fishing, speed boat cruising, hiking, bathing or just enjoying nature because it is.

Hanging Bridge: Hanging Bridge (Jhulonto Bridge in Bengali)is the landmark icon of Rangamati. it is a fashionable traveler spot and a requirement go destination. Gagra water is one amongst the greates combination of nature . Kaptai Lake : Kaptai lake could be a rattling spot for yachting and cruising. Parjatan and personal tour operators supply variety of cruises by mechanical boats. One will move to numerous scenic spots in Shuvalong, Barkal, Longadu, Mainimukh and different areas by boat from Rangamati.

Indigenous repository : the sole autochthonic Cultural repository within the Chittagong Hill Tracts region was established at Rangamati city in 1978 and pass the social group Cultural foundation. It preserves valuable objects and articles of various tribes portrayal their socio-economic, educational and historical tradition. These embody typical autochthonic dresses, ornaments, arms and ammunitions, coins, statues fabricated from wood, bronze and different metals, musical instruments, ivory merchandise, handicrafts, paintings on social group life etc.