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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This temple close to Dinajpur city was in-built 1752 by maharajah Pran Nath of Dinajpur. The temple, a 50 square foot.  This temple is three-storied building, rests on a rather raised support of erinaceous rock blocks, believed to own been quarried from the ruins of the traditional town of Bangarh close to Gangarampur in state from wherever the currently purloined Radha-Krishna idols are aforementioned to own been brought. it absolutely was originally a nava-ratna temple, topped with four richly decorative corner towers on 2nd  floor and a central one over the third floor. sadly these ornate towers folded throughout an earthquake at the tip of the nineteenth century.

Every in. of the temple surface is superbly embellished with exquisite terracotta plaques, in place of flora, fauna, geometric motifs, mythological scenes & an astonishing array of up to date social scenes and most wanted pastimes. The Maharaja's palace with relics of the past centuries and native depository are value a visit. You are most welcome to  visit this beautiful Temple.