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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Seven Gombudge Mosque, Bagerhat

Among the various extant monuments of the Khan Jahan vogue and undo-ubtedly the foremost brilliant and therefore the largest brick house of God in East Pakistan, is that the Shait Gombudge house of God that means'60-domed Mosque'.

During the mid-15th century, a Muslim colony was supported close to the ocean coast- what's currently referred to as the Bagerhat district by a saint named Ulugh Khan Jahan. He was the original torch bearer of Islam to the south. He ordered the nucleus of AN affluent town throughout the reign of ruler Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah (1442-1452) at Bagerhat that was then referred to as Khalifatabad.
Khan Jahan adorned his town with various mosques, tanks, roads, and alternative public buildings, the spectacular ruins of that ar centered round the most imposing and multi-domed house of God. The stately cloth of the monument, serene and imposing stands on the jap bank of a bizarrely immense sweet cistern clustered around by the significant foliage of an occasional lying country-side, quality of a sea-coast landscape.

While visiting Seven Gombudge house of God, the guests could reside edifice Posher at Mongla. By road Bagerhat is 368 kilometer. south-west of Dhaka. the closest air field is at Jessore that is concerning 30 minutes flight from Dhaka.