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Friday, July 12, 2013

Chittagong is the beautiful city and second largest city of Bangladesh. This is the entrance of the Bay of Bangal. The big beautiful Sea Beach, large green hills and long lake and excellent cool weather  always attract to the holidays maker. There is excellent sea port which attract to the visitors. Chittagong joined with the capital by Air, Rail and water.

Chittagong is that the biggest port and second largest city in East Pakistan placed close to the Bay of geographical area. it's 264 kilometer away east of capital of Bangladesh, known for hill areas, natural beauty and for the coast. metropolis is additionally renowned of the city of Aulias (Muslim saints).

Its inexperienced most beautiful hills and forests, its beautiful broad sandy beaches and its fine cool climate forever attract the holiday-markers. delineated by the Chinese soul author, Huen Tsang (7th century A.D) as "a sleeping beauty rising from mists and water" and given the title of "Porto Grande" by the sixteenth century Portuguese seafarers. Chittagong combines remains faithful each the descriptions even nowadays. It combines the busy hum of an energetic port with the shooting quiet of a captivating hill city.

The Shahi Jama-e-Masjid and Qadam Hosni Mubarak house of God area unit 2 of the foremost spectacular buildings within the town. it's additionally price visiting the anthropology deposit within the trendy town, that has attention-grabbing displays on Bangladesh's social group peoples. There area unit smart views and cooling breezes from Fairy Hill within the British town within the northwestern sector of town.

Chittagong is that the country's chief port and is that the main web site for the institution of significant, medium and lightweight industries. Bangladesh's solely steel plant and refinery are settled in metropolis.