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Monday, July 15, 2013


Rajshahi is the most glorius periods of Bengal's  dynesty. Idistrict was a part of the Pundra region of ancient Bengal. The capital formed by Vijay Sen, the king who led military operations in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia was located 09 miles to the west of Rajshahi town. After some years , the region came to known as Rampur Boalia. The present name Rajshahi is debated among scholars. Most say that it taked its name from Hindu Kings and zamidars or rajas as Raj and Shahi. Both word mans Royal or Kingdom. Rajshahi came citycorporation in 1991. It is famous for pure silk and mangoes. Often it is called Silk sity and Education city. Rajshahi also famous for ancient mosques, shrines and tamples in and arounf. It is situated in the bank of Padma river.

A Majar or Dorga (Shrine) is established round the grave of Hazrat Shah of Iran Mokhdum Ruposh (Rh.) at Dargahpara in Rajshahi town. it's aforesaid that Hazrat Shah of Iran Mokhdum Ruposh (Rh.) was the primary Islam sermoniser within the Rajshahi region. it's conjointly aforesaid that he came to Rajshahi through the stream Padma riding on a crocodilian reptile. Even now, some crocodiles area unit reserved within the Dighi (Large Pond) next to the shrine of Hazrat Shah of Iran Mokhdum (Rh.).

Dargahpara Dargahpara is legendary for the shrine of Hazrat Shah of Iran Mokhdum Ruposh (Rh.) and for the big bank of stream Padma. 2 renowned instructional institute, Rajshahi school and Rajshahi collegial faculty, are set during this space. there's conjointly another shrine of Shah of Iran Turkan (Rh.) that is older than the shrine of Hazrat Shah of Iran Mokhdum Ruposh (Rh.)

Varendra analysis repository:   Varendra analysis repository, one amongst the oldest museums during this landmass, is set within the heart of Rajshahi town. Its library contains twenty two,000 written books and journals and 6000 manuscripts in different language like Bengali, Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian languages. The library has been enraptured from the repository building to a replacement, trendy structure.It was one amongst the primary non government initiatives for building a repository by some enlightened individuals with Kumar Sarat Kumar Roy throughout land era. This repository includes a massive assortment of statues of Lord Hindu deity and a few distinctive masterpieces illustrating the history of the neighborhood and its civilization.
Borokuthi:In the compound of the Barakuthi there's atiny low site with groves chemical analysis back to the years of the nineteenth century. There area consists of fourteen tombs with 13 epitaphs at intervals the site. Here conjointly some natural calimetari that build individuals fancy for present.
Chhoto Bongram: it's the biggest space in Rajshahi. There area consists of  2 youngsters parks, Bonghobondhu school, main road Road and seven nice masjids etc. It boasts of getting an outsized mango and lichee garden. it's become a pleasant skilled territory with a novel communal and tutorial atmosphere that creates it one amongst the foremost fascinating residential locations within the town.

Boro Bongram:     It could be a new space, rising aboard aerodrome road and the land therefore the land conjointly the} town also growing towards Nowhata aerodrome space. The mango crossing with RAKUB, RDA head workplace, new coach station with an ad zone area unit set here.

Kazihata:   Kazihata could be a tiny a part of the city however quite proverbial for the presence of quite heap of presidency and personal establishments like Bangla Desh Bank, Radio Bangla Desh, TV studio (non functional), Christian mission hospital, House building finance corporation, Soil analysis Institute et al.

Shaheb Bazar:   This is additionally called the numerical quantity of town, because it is that the centre of Rajshahi town. several looking malls, markets, banks, insurance offices, hotels area unit set at intervals this space. Besides the recent municipal workplace, Rajshahi collegial faculty, Rajshahi school, place of worship Mission Academy, Loknath faculty, Deaf and Mental faculties area unit placed here. The Shaheb Bazar musjid is set simply on the junction of the Natore road with Shaheb Bazar Road. there's associate ancient institution known as ameer Ali Avenue at intervals this space. The recent municipality building is set by the facet of associate recent pool Named Sona Dighi.