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Thursday, July 18, 2013

National Park---The nature of Green and Animal

Bhawal national park located at Bhawal, 20 kilo meter from Gazipur and 20 kilo meter from Kapasia, 40 kilometers north of Dhaka city of Bangladesh. 

Bhawal national park was recognized and maintained as a National Park since 1974. It was officially stated in 1982 under the Wildlife Act of 1974. The total area of the park covers 940 hectares but it is extends to 5,022 hectares of surrounding forest. This is the national recreational forests in Bangladeah. This forest comprises of Many types of animals including small tigers, leopards, small bears, monkeys, porcupines and foxes. Most of the forest has been denuded and is now occupied by forestry companies. Its  purpose is to defend important habitats as well as to present opportunities for recreation. The most common plants in the national park is the unique wooden Sal Forest. It has been kept under IUCN Management Category V, as a protected landscape. The park has more than 220 type of plants, including 43 different type of tree, 104 herbs, 27 grasses, 24 vines, 19 shrubs and 03 Palms. The nature in the park includes 13 mammals,09 reptiles,  05 amphibians and 05 birds. In addition the Forest Department has recently introduced peacocks, deers, pythons and cat fish. 

The main attraction is green of this forest. Every year uncountable of visitors visit this national park. There also provision of picnic. There are several picnic spot. Visitors can do arrange picnic in the national park as well as they enjoy forestry nature.You can also visit National Park. You can visit National Park by road from Dhaka City of Bangladesh.