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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Commilla is a town close to the India border. The city was dominated by Mughal emperors within the seventeenth century. Moreover because the British East India company within the nineteenth century. the town is known for various styles of sweets and Batik printed handicrafts.

Comilla has many places to be recognized as historical places. The War Cemetry at Tiprabazar, Moynamoti Comilla is a historical places and tourist spot that was established after world War-II. The compound of Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD) is a famous place where tourist come every weekends with their family. The place known as "Neelachol" is the main tourist spot inside the BARD area.

The centre poece of the Buddhist sites at Mainamati is that the Shalban Vihara, nearly within the middle of the Mainamati Lalmai hill area consists of one hundred fifteen cells, designed around a spacious court with temple within the middle, towards its entryway to the north, resembling that of the Sompur Bihara. Its clearly a Vihara or an educational centre with housing facilities.

Charpatra Mura is an cut off small rectangle shrine located about 2.5 kilometers north west of kotila mura stupas. The only come close to the shrine is from the East through a gateway which leads to a large hall. Here big amount of shrines can be found.

Moynamoti in Bangladesh is famous for the most charming place of Buddhist Archaeology. Moynamoti is an low, dimple range of hills, dotted with more than fifty ancient Buddhist settlements of the eighth to twelveth century. Mainamoti is located almost eight miles from the town of Comilla, Bangladesh. Moynamoti also called home of Buddhist archaeological sited in the region. The main Buddhist sites at Mainamati is Shalban Vihara. situated in the middle of the Mainamati-Lalmai hill range consists of one hundred and fifteen cells, built around a spacious courtyard with a cruciform temple in the center, towards its only entryway complex to the north, resembling that of the Sompur Vihara. Kutila Mura situated on a foattened lillock about five kilometer north of Salban Vihara inside the Comilla Cantonment is a picturesque Buddist establishment. Here three stupasare found . They kept side by side representating the Buddhist Trinity or three jewels i.e the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. The Museum at Mainamati situated after Salvan Vihara, This Museum has a good number of artifacts. The museum has a rich and varied collection of copper plates, gold and silver coins and large number of broze objects. About 160 bronze statue have been recovered from the monastic cells, bronze stupas, stone sculptures and about hundred of terracotta plaques on an average 9'' high and maximum 12'' wide. Mainamati, Comilla is 114 kilometer from Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Viewers can watch by day trip from Dhaka city and also from Chittagong.

Transport facilities to visit comilla has higher than the other district of Bangladesh. Comilla is ninety seven miles from Dhaka city. The are many luxurious transport are available from Dhaka to Comilla. It will take to reach Comilla from Dhaka only three hours. You can also journey by railway to comilla but it will takes more time. It is about 197 kilometer from Dhaka. You can also visit this historical places at any time.