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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ahsan Manzil: Seat of the Dhaka Nawab Family

Built in 1872 and standing on the stream Buriganga, this stately building offers the guests a sense of the life-style of the Nawabs of capital of Bangladesh. generally referred to as the Pink Palace, this building currently homes a splendid depository. Basically, it absolutely was the residence of the Nawabs. nabob Abdul Gani restored this building within the year 1872 and named it when his son Khaza Ahasanullah. On the bank of stream Buriganga in capital of Bangladesh the Pink majestic, 

Ahsan Manjil has been restored and changed into a depository recently. it's Associate in Nursing epitome of the nation's made cultural heritage.Based on Associate in Nursing access of one meter, two-story fort measures one hundred twenty five.4m by 28.75m. The acme of stage attic is five meters, and therefore the aboriginal attic of five.8 meters. There area unit columns of the acme of stage floor, each arctic and south supportive of the castle. A ample accessible steps bottomward from the south porch, boarded the stream through the advanced yard.

Ahsan Manzil, Associate in Nursing field gem, is attestant to galore actual contest of East Pakistan. The aft allotment of the nineteenth aeon till the aboriginal years of Pakistan, Muslim leaders of East geographic area emerged from the palace. Nawabs of capital of Bangladesh acclimated to try and do business beingness in cloister as arch of the panchayat (village council) a day. galore anti-Congress affairs were captivated within the nabob of Ahsanullah condescension, a loyal apostle of the Muslim identity. most the viceroys, governors and abetter governors of British Republic of India visited capital of Bangladesh spent it slow at the Ahsan Manzil.

‘Ahsan Manzil’ was the official residential palace and seat of the Dhaka Nawab Family. It is situated on the banks of the Buriganga River. The palace is now a museum. The palace has enjoyed a varied history, starting from being Rang Mahal (of Sheikh Enayetullah, a Zamindar of Jamalpur pargana (Barisal) during the time of the Mughals) to a French trading centre. Nawab Khwaja Alimullah bought it from the French in 1830 and converted it into his residence, effecting necessary reconstruction and renovations. The final reconstruction was done by Martin & Company, a European construction and engineering firm, at the behest of Nawab Khwaja Abdul Ghani, who converted this house into the official Nawabi residence.

Constraction of the design was started in 1859 and ends at 1872. Abdul Ghani referred to as it Ahsan Manzil afterward his son nabob Khwaja Ahsanullah. The afresh nonheritable fort aboriginal came to be accepted because the Rang Mahal. On April 7, 1888, a tornado nonheritable astringent accident to Ahsan Manzil -- Andar Mahal, the sooner allotment of the palace, was completely wasted. throughout the about-face of the Andar Mahal a acceptable allotment of the fort was overhauled and repaired, and therefore the admirable arch of this Rang Mahal was supplemental. Ahsan Manzil was anew broken by Associate in Nursing convulsion in twelve June 1897 and anew repaired by the nabob Ahsanullah.


Ahsan Manzil is Kumartoli, Shakara Waiz steps Bazar recent capital of Bangladesh. And ‘Sutrapur Thana underneath capital of Bangladesh town Corporation. Ahsan Manzil palace was the residence of the Nawabs however is currently a depository. Associate in Nursing influential family within the recent capital of Bangladesh Nawabs lived for several years. They designed a powerful building, a salary. Ahsan Manzil is one in every of them.