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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sundarban: The largest mangrove forest in the world

Sundarban is the single block of tidal homeopathic mangrove forest in the world. Sundarban situated in Bangladesh and India (60% in Bangladesh and 40% in India). The name Sundarban can be literally translated as Beautiful Jungle or Beautiful Forest. The name may have been derived from the Sundari trees that are found in Sundarban in a large number. Royal Bengal Tiger is the main attraction of Sundarban. Large number of Royal Bengal Tiger lives in Sndarban. Beside this there are also different kind of bird, deer, crocodile snake and different kind of animal lived in Sundarban. As per survey there are 500 royal bengol tiger and 30,000 deer live in Sundarban. In 21 May 1992 Sundarban recognise as RAMSAR Place.

During Mughal's government, a local king took sublet all sundarban. The map of sundarban weas fist made by mughal emperor second Alamgir. In 18th century the area of sundarban was double than present area.

Sundarban is one the bigest mangrove forest in the world. Two neiber country, Bangladesh and India cover Sundarban. Large part of Sundarban sutuated in south-west part of Bangladesh. In south of Sundarban there is a Bay of Bengol, in west Baleshor River, in North plain land. Actually the area of sundarban will must be 16,700 square kilometer (as per 200 years ago). After reducing the area of sundarban is one third of previous area. Presently the area is 4,143 square kilometer. The river of sundarban is the adding place of salty water and sweet water. So this is the middle place for sweet water comes from Ganga river and salty water comes from Bay of Bengol. Sundarban covers Satkhira, Khilna, Bagerhat, patuakhali of Bangladesh.

In Sundarban there are huge amount Sundari trees (Heritiera fomes), Gaoa tree (Excoecaria agallocha), Goran tree (Ceriops decandra) and Kaora tree (Sonneratia apetala). As per 1903 there are 245 type of Mangrove trees are available in Sundarban.

Sundarban is the biggest dwelling place of wild animal. River terrap in, Yello monitor, python and royal bengol tyger etc is the main. as per 2004, there are 500 Royal Bengol Tiger live in Sundarban. 100 to 200 people killed by Royal Bengol Tiger in every year. 

In bangladesh there are 4,110 square kilometer area are available. 1,700 square kilometer are river. This river are wide from some meter to some kilometer. For this river you can enter anywhere inside Sundarban by boat. For management of Sundarban there are two forest division, four administrative area (Chadpai, Sharondhila, Khilna and Burigoalini) and sixteen forest station. This forest has fifty five compartment and nine block. In 1993 Khulna forest circle has made to safe forest.

In 2004 'The Hungry Tide' novel written by Amitab Gosh most of the story is Sundarban's. 'Midnight Children' written by Salman Rushdi, some part of this novel also written as per Sundarban.

 The reason of Why Royal Bengol tiger kill man. The reason may be:

a.   For big ripple the smell of Tiger erase, this smell used as the living area of Tiger. So the Tiger's protect illegal enter within their area.

b.   Another reason that for weather Tiger's habituated to eat meat of man's. Reason Many people die in Bangladesh and India area for natural calamities. This people dead body enter inside the sundarban afterall Tiger's eat this deadbodies as their food.

c.    When people enter the forest area for catching fish and to collect honey then they become easy hunt by iger.

d.   Non availability of food also the reason of killing man by tiger.

Every year uncountable visitors visit this mangrove forest from home abroad. you can also visit this forest any time. the forestry division always provide security for the visitors. So you  can visit the largest mangrove forest safely and get the test of mangrove forest.