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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Parki sea beach: Beautiful sandy sea beach in Bangladesh


Chittagong is the biggest port city and tourist division of Bangladesh. This is covered by hill, river and sea. It is about 250 KilO mETER FROM DHAKA Division. River and sea port both present in this in this city. Karnaphuly river flows beside the chittagong city. A lot of hillocks and hills increase the beauty of this chittagong city. 

Potenga sea beach, Parki Sea beach and Foyes Lake is the main attractive tourist spot for the tourist. Foyas Lake is surrounded by the nice and big lake bordeded by nice hill and a nice dresort adjacent to this lake, At the entry point of Foyas Lake a big and attractive recreation park fascinated the kids and others. 

Beside this park there is a zoo. this zoo is a attractive place for the tourist. This zoo is composed with lion, Tiger, Monkey, Python, Deer, Fox, Crocodile and many kinds of birds. Here you can also climb on the hill safely so that you can get the test to ride on the hill here.

Parki Sea Beach

Parki Sea Beach situated under Anwara Upazilla near Chittagong city. It is also a nice attractive and calm sea beach near Chittagong city. The beach situated 16 Kilometer away from Chittagong city. As Parki sea beach is situated at the Karnafuli river channel, visistors can watch both the river (karnafuli river) and the sea together. 

Tourists can enjoy the views of big ships anchored at the outer dock, fishermen catching fish in the sea, sunrise and sunset, various colored crabs at the beach area and other environment. This beach also long wide sandy beach. The main attraction of the beach is on side of the beach is full of trees and another side is sea. In every year specially in winter season many visiters come to the Parki sea beach for picnic.

Transportation to Parki Sea Beach

Auto rikshah, private car is the better vehicle to go Parki sea beach from chittagong city. From Dhaka first of all you need to come in chittagong city by bus, railway or air. Then you can stay in Chittagong city. then you can go to Parki Sea Beach.

Livings and Food

There are hundred of hotels, motels are present in Chittagong city. Some of them are 5 stars, 3 stars. Room are always available here except in festival time. Here you can get Bangoli, Chinese, European, Thi and Indian food in the restaurants and there are aslo some authorized bar in some hotel.

Parki Beach might be the next attractive tourist attraction of Bangladesh. You are welcome to visit this beautiful tourist spot.