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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lalbagh Fort : an incomplete Mughal Palace.

Lalbagh Fort is that the most up-to-date and well-known fort and an excellent signature of art by Mughal Emperor in East Pakistan (previous named). It's additionally called Fort Aurangabad. it's settled in Lalbagh of previous national capital, thats why names thus. it's settled by the bank of the watercourse Buriganga in a very wealthy red soil. it absolutely was Associate in Nursing incomplete structure by a Mughal Emperor named patrician Muhammad Azam (3rd  son of Aurangazeb). He took place for the the work of the fort in 1678 throughout his vice-royality in East Pakistan (Previous Bengal). He stayed in geographic area for fifteen months. It remained incomplete once he was known as by his father Aurangazeb. 

Shaista Khan was the new Subedar of national capital in this time, and he failed to complete the fort. In 1684, the girl of Shaista Khan named Asian country Dukht (Pari Bibi) died there. when her death, he began to assume the fort as threatening, and left the structure unfinished.  Among the 03  major components of Lalbagh Fort  one is that the topographic peak of Pari Bibi.

After Shaista Khan left national capital, it lost its quality. the most cause was that the capital was replaced from national capital to Murshidabad. when the tip of royal Mughal quantity, the fort became dumped.
In 1844, the world achieved its name as Lalbagh substitution Aurangabad, that the fort as Lalbagh Fort.

The fort consists of 3 buildings:

1. The house of prayer (west)
2. The topographic point of Pari-bibi (middle of east-west of the fort)
3. The Diwan-i-aam palace (east)

The house of prayer was used for praying in this time, and still in use. the attractive structure and also the handy work there ar nice. folks get astonied by seeing this sort of royal art. several monotheism art and wall styles ar preserved there.

Shaista khan could’nt build this fort higher however he designed the topographic point of Pari Bibi magnificently. He brought Marble beautiful stone, beautiful tiles, various handy-crafts of flower-leaves there. this can be the sole place in East Pakistan wherever nine rooms below there adorned with this sort of things. The roofs are manufactured from beautiful black stones,  within the lofty of the topographic point, the showground is roofed with pure copper.

This astonishing 22 meter topographic point was inaugurated in 1688. Diwan-i-aam is that the greatest a part of Lalbagh Fort. it absolutely was used as workplace in this time. Diwan-i-aam is that the place from wherever the Mughal Emperor gave directions to the traditional folks once in a very week. there's additionally a royal lavatory house called hammam.

There ar three gateways to enter the fort. The southern entryway is that the most significant and one will see it from Buriganga. It's a three-storied configuration. however the middle structure is roofed by tower. that's why it's sort of a two storied structure.
In the total space of Lalbagh fort there are Royal garden and system. when a cartain time Mughal emperor Aurangazeb given the fort to Shaista khan in memory of his girl Pari Bibi. The successor of Shaista khan got revenue when his death by leasing the fort to the govt. when 1853 the camp was replaced in Lalbagh Fort from Purana Paltan. Currently, the archaeologic department of East Pakistan is maintaining this Historical place. virtually three million folks visit this place per annum.
Have you visited Lalbagh Fort? If not Hurry up to visit Lalbug Fort of Bangladesh.

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