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Saturday, March 3, 2012


'Potenga Sea Beach' is the big sandy sea beach in Chittagong Bangladesh. Potenga sea beach is the most beautiful and famous tourist spot in bangladesh. The beach is very close to the Shah Amanat International Airport and Chittagong sea port. Swimming in the sea is not recommended here because of its narrow width. Large block made by stone laid down to prevent erosion of the area. It makes the beach area more attractive to the visitors. Here sea area is cover by causeway to protect the local people from sea. This causeway used by the visitors as a foot path.

During 1990's cyclone was hit directly in the beach area. At that time the beach was damage massively by cyclone. Many people are died at that time. After 1990 the beach area make again ready for the visitors. Sea store was made again. Peoples come again to watch the beauty of the sea. 

The beach is located about 20 km south of Chittagong city. You can come in this beach by road, air and rail way from dhaka. It will takes 45 minutes from dhaka by air, 05 Hours by bus and 06 hours by rail way. From chittagong city area you can go by bus, private car etc. The distance of Potenga seabeach about 05km. This is the most attractive place of near chittagong city area for the visitors. The beach is also sandy beach. Every holiday many people from   different place of the country and abroad visit this place.

The beach is very crowded place. In every year a large number of visitors vesits this attractive place. For this reason a number of hotel and guest house have been build in Chittagong city. Many people are involved in business providing customer service.  A large number of people are involve in fishing and collecting sea food. A large number of people are involved with sea products. This sea products are snail pearl etc and their ornaments. This products are popular to the tourist.This products are available in the beach side stores.A large number of people are involve with transportation to the tourist from beach side to city area. A large number of people involved with transportation to the tourist to the beach by small car, Horse, speed boat, boat etc. Some people are involved with photography. Many people involved with to guide the tourist.

Beside the beach area there is a Chittagong Sea Port. This is the biggest seaport in the Bangladesh. For this reason you will see the big ship are parking in the sea area. In the night time when the light of the ships are on at that time this ships are makes a beautiful show for the visitors. You will also can watch the only sea gas mine of Bangladesh from this beach.   

The main attraction of the beach is Sunrise and Sunset. People are going there to watch sunrise and sunset. The beach has a wonderful cool atmosphere even at the evening and people come to enjoy the soothing breeze. Every holiday peoples comes from different corner of the country and abroad to enjoy this beauty. You also welcome to enjoy this beauty at any time.