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Saturday, March 3, 2012

'Sonargaon' The ancient city of Bangladesh

Beside the Dhaka Chittagong highway About 24 km from Dhaka Sonargaon is the oldest city of Bangladesh. it was the seat of deva-dynesty untill the 13 century from that century till the advent of the mughols Sonargaon is the subsidery capital of the Sultane of Bengol. Sonargaon was the ancient kingdom ruled by the Isha Khan. another name of sonargaon is Subarnagram. Now sonargaon is famous by Silpacharja Jaynulabedin musium, Panam nagory , The Tomb of Sultan gias Uddin azam shah , The Sirens of Panchpir and a beautiful Mosque in Goaldia village. You will visit Sonargaon by road from Dhaka. The distance from Dhaka to Sonargaon is only 24 KM. There is a several bus service such as Shadesh paribahan, Doel paribahan, Sonargaon Super bus etc.  

To enter inside Shilpacharja Jaynulabedin museum  you need ticket. Cost of per ticket 10 taka. In Shilpacharja Jaynulabedin museum there is a two main building. One is oldest building with magnificent architecture. you will see this building just after you enter museum area. In front of this building there is a car statue  which is driven by cow. Another side there is two horse  statue ride with two armed people. There is a two pond around this building. one is east side and another is west side. Inside this building there is a many historical things are displayed. such as coin and dish made by bell-metal, gold and silver. cutler made by iron and many things. In the second building there is a displayed picture of beautiful architecture , picture which is paint by Joynul abedin, Jamdani Shari and many things.

Inside Shilpacharja Jaynulabedin museum there is a Handicraft stall, Fast food shop. There is a Jamdani market inside the Musium. You will get a lot of Jamdani shari in this market and you can see how to made Jamdani shari with your own eyes. There is also another shop inside the museum. 

Inside the museum there is a resorts. you can stay in this resorts as your require.

inside the museum there is big lake. This lake made just like as Bangladesh map and cover whole museum area. You can ride boat in this lake.

Panam nogory is famous for old building made by Mughal's. there is a hundred of old building in Panam nogory. This building place both side of the road. Most of the build are two stored. Every building are ornaments by magnificent architecture. This building are made about more than hundred years ago. In this building, the officer of domain lived. There is one building named Rajbari, there the king lived. Still there is one bridge made by mughal's. This building and bridge kept the evidence of Mughals administration. This building also evidence of Mughal's architecture. If you come here you will astonish to see Mughal's architecture and you will enjoy a lot.

At present government took interest to make this city as a tourist area. As such the government make this area more secure for the tourist. For that at present many tourist from home and abroad come to visit this historical area everyday. Day by day it is increasing. You also welcome to visit this Historical Place.