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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cox’s bazaar: The largest sandy sea beach in the world

Cox’s Bazaar is the largest, most beautiful and famous tourist spot in the Bangladesh as well as largest sandy sea beach in the world. The main attraction of Cox’s Bazaar is the longest sandy beach that stretches from mouth of the Bakkali Rver going all the way to Teknaf. Laboni Point beach is the area of the beach close to the Cox’s Bazaar town. 

The beach is very crowded place. Laboni point is the main place for the tourist in the beach side. Everyday people are coming and observing the natural scenery of Cox's Bazar. In every year a large number of visitors visit this coastal city in every year from home and abroad. For this reason a large number of guest house, hotel, and motel have been build in Cox's Bazar city and around the coastal region. Many people are involved in business providing customer service and hospitality. There are several Five star, Four star  international hotels are available in this city. A large number of people are involve in fishing and collecting seafood. A number of people are involved with sea products. This sea products are oyster, snail and pearl etc and their ornaments. This products are popular to the tourist. You will get this products in beach side and city stores. A number of people are involve with transportation for the tourist. There is a famous vehicle in this coastal city named Chander Gari which is as like as jeep car.

The beach is the main attraction for the tourist. Somtels provede exclusive beachside aras for the hotel guests. From other small hotel guest visits Laboni point i.e Laboni beach. Other than the city area, there are several attractive places for the tourist near the town:

Aggmeda Khyang:   A large Buddhist monastery and a place revered by around 400,000 Buddhist people of Cox's Bazar and Chittagong Hill area. It has a prayer place ans as assembly hall along with a repository of large and small bronze Buddha picture and a large number of manuscripts.

Ramu:   Ramu is village near the Coxs Bazar with a sizeable Buddhist poulation. There are Monasteries, Khyangs and Pagodas with image of Buddha which is made by Bronze, gold and other metals. There is also a large bronze statue of Buddha measuring 13 foot in height which rests on s six foot high.

Inani Beach:  This the most beautiful beach near Cox's Bazar city.

St. Martin's island:  A small istand of the Bay of Bengol about 10 km south of the tip of the Cox's Bazar- Teknaf peninsula. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh. The local name of the island is  Narical Jinjira. This the popular tourist spot for the tourist from home and abroad. Evryday there several luxuries sea truck run daily for the tourist. Tourist can book for the ticket from chittagong and Cox's Bazar also can in internet also. 

Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park:   Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is the first Safari park in Bangladesh. The attraction of forest is tropical evergreen and fulfill with Garjan, Telsur and Chapalish trees along with herbs, shrubs and creepers. This park is declared protected area for the animals. Visitors can watch the animals by bus or private car or by foot.

Sonadia Island:  This is a small island occupied with only nine square kilometers. this island located seven kilometer of Cox's Bazar. The west side of the island is sandy.  During winter fishermen set their temporary house on this island for catching sea fish.

You can visit this island around the whole year but in winter season is the best time for tourist. The best time is from November to February. Some ***** Five Star Hotels are Hotel Sea Place Ltd, Hotel Seagull, Ocean Paradise Hotel  There is also severa **** Four Star Hotel, guest house are available. So every body from every corner form the world are welcome to visit in Cox's Bazar and watch the majestic buty of the Bay of Bengal.